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A Texas father-of-three who two years ago says he was an overweight, over-medicated insomniac watching infomercials in the middle of the night is now 118 pounds lighter and $106,000 richer thanks to one of those infomercials.

Casey weight loss supplement Walker, 42, of Hurst, Texas, won $100,000 Saturday night as one of the two grand prize winners of the 2015 Beachbody Challenge, having already won $6,000 in the months leading up to the grand prize announcement.

Walker told ABC News he weighed 275 pounds and was in and out of the hospital due to an undiagnosed autoimmune condition in September 2013 when he reached the end of his rope and turned to Beachbody, a Santa Monica, California-based company famous for workouts like P90X and INSANITY.

One morning I was sitting in my chair on a ton of medications and was watching Beachbody infomercials because I couldnt sleep, Walker said. I felt like God said, Its time for you to get up and get moving.

Something clicked in my head, he said.

Walker then had to convince his wife, Erica, that he was committed enough to purchase the workout weight loss workout clothes DVDs plus the companys Shakeology shakes because, at the time, he was unable to work as a pastor due to his health. It was left to Erica, a nurse, to support him and the couples three children, ages 9, 7 and 4.

Id just lost another job and my wife said, We really cant afford this, Walker recalled. I said to her, I know I can do this.

Walker began drinking a shake every day and doing Beachbodys 25-minute Focus T25 workout daily, modified because of his limited mobility.

I just started moving in my living room, said Walker, who says he lost 70 pounds in the first three months.

Walker went from eating Oreos, pizza and hamburgers to a diet of Shakeology, lean proteins, vegetables and fruit and the weight fell off, 118 pounds in all from September 2013 to May 2015.

I started fueling my body with something that my body had been craving, said Walker, who added it was his kids mainly that pushed him to get up and get moving.

I was acting like I was 81-years-old and my brother-in-law could play with my kids more than I could, Walker said of his life before the weight loss. It was gnawing at me.

As Walker, who now works as a Beachbody coach, found success, he started submitting pictures of his transformation to Beachbodys website for the chance to win prizes like money and t-shirts.

Next thing he knew, he received a call last month inviting him to attend the companys conference in Tennessee as one of four male finalists chosen from thousands of entries.

On Saturday night, with his wife by his side, Walker found out he was the $100,000 grand prize winner.

It was just utter shock, Walker said. I had no idea.

The former full-time pastor says his new lifestyle has led him to a beautiful place in his life where its all kind of coming together between his spiritual background and physical transformation.

As Ive gone through this journey Ive been able to inspire other people that theres hope, Walker said. You can get off the couch. This doesnt have to be your existence. Its so much more than muscles.

Walker says he is most grateful for the fact that the $100,000 he won is allowing his wife to walk a lot lighter these days.

Shes been working full-time and carrying this load because Ive been sick, he said of Erica. This is going to mean paying hospital bills and paying off credit card debt.

My yard is a train wreck so its going to help us do over that and help me do some stuff for my wife, Walker added. And my kids want to go to Disney World."

The Walt Disney Company, which operates Disney World, is the parent company of ABC News.

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06 Oct 2015
Accompanying the continual evolution of the internet has been quite a few Multi-Level Marketing opportunities that many people have found particularly appealing. More commonly known simply as "MLM", this particular strategy has been employed by numerous companies as a part of their overall marketing campaign strategy. Inherent to its structure is an extremely incentivized payment plan that many people can't help by find very lucrative. Chances are that, if you are familiar with Multi-Level Marketing, you may have already taken a shot at being successful with MLM opportunities. While some logo design in seattle wa is represented by Pixel Fury Design since 2004 people do extremely well because of a delicate synthesis of passion, dedication, and a hint of creativity, others are often left to deem it a 'scam' because they are simply unable to make any headway in an increasingly competitive program.

In the first article of her series "How True is This Statement: 95% Fail in MLM-Part 1", fellow Info Barrel member, Kay81, speaks specifically about how the immediate appeal of a Multi-level Marketing opportunity can elicit blinders, of sort, on whoever is best graphic design studio in Seattle considering becoming involved. By this, I mean that people may refuse to ask themselves many important questions before they decide to commit themselves entirely to a program that may, or may not, actually be a perfect match to who they are as an individual and as an entrepreneur. Such pertinent questions, as Kay81 conveys, are the very ones that should be asked immediately prior to even considering becoming involved in any new MLM opportunity:

How Old is the MLM Company?

Does it Still have the potential for wealth creation or is the potential for wealth creation gone?

What is their compensation plan like?

Does it only favor the Big Guys and allow the small guys to labor for peanuts?

Does its product have a place in the market?

Do they have plans for future expansion?

How do they plan on financing any potential future expansion?

These are many pertinent questions that Kay81 proposes in her Info Barrel articles and, while they can actually be answered with great detail, the do provide a solid basis of consideration for those who are contemplating getting involved in any Multi-level Marketing campaign. While, the truth is, most companies do present a 'viable' opportunity for those at lower levels to create wealth for themselves, any one opportunity certainly has the potential to become really quite saturated over time. When contemplating getting involved in an MLM opportunity, you should do whatever you can to get an adequate guage of just how 'saturated' market currently is. Without effective research, prior to beginning, one may be destined to spend hours of futile labor and time trying to accomplish a feet that is nearly impossible in their daily pursuit of greater wealth.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....

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09 Sep 2015


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It can be tricky to find that place of balance in life. Juggling work, family, community and personal needs isn't easy, but I believe it is part of what makes life joyful and meaningful. I've certainly had my fair share of days when hours spent on the phone or behind the computer whizz by and I emerge from my home office to discover that somehow the sun has set and I forgot to have lunch again.

One important activity for me is yoga. It's a great practice that brings mind, body and soul together in harmony. But I like to do hot yoga, which is essentially yoga done in a studio that's about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and with a lot of humidity. So... it's really hot! And sweaty (but I like to think of it as a good, clean sweat!)

As I balanced, stretched and roasted in my class, I came to see how many important principles I had the opportunity to practice in the yoga studio that apply to my life. Here are some hot yoga-inspired life tips that will help keep you flexible, connected and in the flow!

1. Keep A Soft Focus on Your Goal

An important part of keeping your balance in a yoga posture is picking a spot to look at and keeping your attention there while you move through the pose. This practice of controlling and directing your focus is called...drishti. The gaze you use is more of a soft focus, rather than staring intensely at the selected point. This way you stay anchored through the pose, and learn to tune out the distractions around you.

So, what are your goals - in your career, your family, your relationships, your health? Are you always staying present to your goals? Can you practice drishti to keep your focus and attention on your big goal and let the many distractions and information overload of the world around us simply fall away?

2. Look at Others to Learn, not to Compare

I sometimes like to take a silent class, so it's important I look up at the instructor or my fellow students now and again to see what pose we are moving into next. I look at others to learn, but then I have to take that information and apply it in my own practice.

When I look to others to compare myself, that's when I get wobbly. When my ego shows up to see whose leg is straighter or whose Falling Tree pose is more horizontal, my ability to stay in the pose suffers.

Let's cut out the comparison racket. Self-mastery and doing our best on our own terms is what counts. To keep your balance and your momentum, focus your energy on your unique brilliance and gifts. Don't lose precious energy and time by endlessly comparing yourself to others.

3. Keep Breathing

One of the best things about yoga class is the awareness you develop about your own breath. Particularly during the challenging poses, the instructor will remind us to keep breathing, deeply and regularly. It seems a simple enough act to do, but I am always amazed at how many times the instructor has made that invitation at the exact moment that I seem to have started holding my breath!

When the heat starts to get turned up in your life, are you remembering to breathe? Whenever I need a moment to regroup, I'll take a few minutes to breathe deeply and allow my mind to become still. Deep, belly breathing is key to managing stress and bringing you back to center.

Author's Bio: 

Success Strategist, coach and best-selling author, Carolyn B. Ellis, is the founder of, empowering you to thrive no matter what your outside circumstances are. To get free tips on turning adversity into opportunity in order to improve your relationships, increase your self-confidence and reach your highest potential, visit
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08 Mar 2015
Ok so lets start in the top. In short, to get six pack abs, you need to get leaner and develop your abs\' musculature. People that run up to Sixty miles per week can remain visible as advanced.

Training to get a marathon is surely an involved process, and is not something being trivialized or taken lightly. They\'re also careful about what they eat, as they want to stay lean and competitive. They\'re also careful about whatever they eat, as they want to stay lean and competitive. There are literally dozens of such exercises including many that are meant for other major muscle groups, but that can be modified to include a workout for your abdominal muscles. Related Articles.

Crossfit Training Guide. There are various kettlebell exercise DVDs which you can purchase.    It is an easy task to overlook something simple like hydration however it is smart to carry water together with you in any way times, especially on your own long runs. Lift weights nate day to maintain your torso strong and do exercises that target the abdominal region. Crossfit Training Guide.
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07 Mar 2015
It is a common sense that winter deeply discourages people for summertime exercisers. It\'s important to check out many different gyms and find one that suits not only your budget, but your personality. are joining the military. There is a lot to accomplish in India across its length and breadth, including wildlife adventures, mountaineering and everything in between. .

Find an accountability partner. Know the real difference between feeling natural tension inside your muscles and outright pain. It is possible to carry hand weights to offer much more of a full body workout. Step 4Take break days occasionally unwind your muscles. If you might be over the age of 40, then you definitely should try to stretch for about 60 seconds to help keep your flexibility.

Getting up and stretching and travelling or going to get a brisk walk at lunch time helps the blood flow which subsequently helps our brain power. Training causes microscopic tears within the muscles, and they need time to repair. Do you\'re feeling tired and exhausted all the time? Perhaps, there is something wrong with your diet. It also gives you a good dose of Vitamin D from your sunshine, strengthening your bones and aiding growth and development.   You are powerful and full of potential--low impact workout VOD might help you see how true that is.

This is an additional important aspect of staying fit and healthy. While waiting to your exercise program to arrive, your overall activity level. Exercise being a bodybuilder and eat like a bodybuilder if you want to look like one.   So, should you want to have some more power into your brain, acquire some exercise, lots of water and good food for fuel and work at your peak.

Its your final decision to join the Armed Forces, and its your responsibility to certain your ready for it. Request for better office furniture if what you\'ve is causing pain. Use Kettlebells to Lose Fat.

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06 Mar 2015

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